The shop will remain open during the summer but there will be no deliveries from Saturday 12th July until Tuesday 30th July



Our speciality is our Irish Black Angus beef, renowned world-wide as the premium race for beef consumption. The cattle are pasture-raised on exclusively grass fed diets, ensuring a deep flavour and that sought-after marbling. The results of generation's worth of experience rearing cattle.


Our quality lamb is the result of incredible animal husbandry & practices across the British Isles. A diet of grasses, flowers, herbs, and heathers whilst roaming freely across the fields, gives the meat a uniquely rich and succulent taste.


Our free-range pork comes from a unique cooperative based in the Ardennes. Favouring small-scale farming, the highest animal welfare and limited food miles, as well as supporting local farmers, they're able to provide us with exceptional quality pork all year round.


Our poultry is free-range and Label Rouge certified, meaning farmers are held to the highest animal welfare standards, as well as ensuring environmentally friendly farming practices.